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The Freedom Blueprint

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One of the best things that happened to me in my life was being diagnosed with an incurable (or so they claim) inflammatory bowel disease known as ulcerative colitis.

It sparked a relentless pursuit to dismantle every conventional belief that the neoliberal machinery instilled in me from the earliest stages of my life. The wars, big pharma, our financial system. I ventured outside conventional narratives and started to listen to those I was once told were “crazy”. It turns out that most of them weren’t crazy. They were simply a threat to these well-oiled machines, buttressed by incessant propaganda. My ego was fractured, but it was for the better.

Now, I’m ready to share with you what I learned on this dizzying journey to objective reality. I call it the Freedom Blueprint.

I, like others, grew accustomed to the idea that regurgitating stomach acid during sleep is an inescapable fate. There's a pill for that. Millions wake up each day plagued by rashes, restless legs, severe diarrhea, cystic acne, unpredictable moods, bloating, cognitive haziness, depression, and anxiety. There’s a pill for those. That’s just how it is. Right?

Our situation is deteriorating. chronic diseases are experiencing explosive growth, with most seeing an increase of 200 to over 3000% in the past three decades.

So, what has caused this change?

Factors such as general imbalances in gut microbiota, the consumption of seed oils, red40, aluminum, fluoride, pesticides, herbicides, glyphosate, poor sleep, heavy metals, microplastics, sugar alcohols, carrageenan, antibiotic misuse, magnesium and iodine deficiencies, and excessive exposure to blue light.

The human gut microbiome is teetering on the brink of extinction. In addition, men's testosterone levels continue to plummet at an alarming rate of approximately 1% per year.

The declining sperm counts among men pose a significant threat to human survival, with drops as drastic as 59% observed between 1973 and 2011.

To put it bluntly, modern food, chemicals, and medications are killing us. But we are not disempowered. I’m proof.

After 18 years of living through dark moments of despair, my disease is gone, without the aid of any sort of modern medication. (I was a month away from highly invasive surgery). To top it off, the depression and anxiety that I once believed were ingrained in my genetic makeup (as someone who is 50% Irish), has vanished.

For the past few months, it has felt like I’ve been living in someone else’s body. A true statement of unutterable joy.

This book is how I did it and explores areas such as:

-the toxic oils that stay in your body for over two years
-why chemical sunscreen can give you manboobs
-nature's multivitamin
-how to rebuild your microbiome
-why blue light is destroying your eyesight
-the supplement that acts as nature’s internal sunscreen
-tap water dropping your IQ
-three natural supplements that, when combined, top any sleeping pill
-the mineral that one in four people on the earth is deficient in
-how regular mouthwash can lead to a heart attack.

PLUS, lots more.

The BONUS section also includes my grocery list “vitals” and the supplements I take, including one that can boost a man’s testosterone by over 30%.

** AUDIO FREEBIE: a one-hour podcast between health influencer, The Holistic Nick, and the author. Both Nick and Jordan were able to put their Chronic illnesses into remission without medication. **

Proceed only if you are ready to open your mind.  



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The Freedom Blueprint

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